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Microsoft Really Took off the Gloves in its New Windows 8 Campaign

20 November 20123 comments Android, inneractive, iPhone, Microsoft, Mobile Industry

By: Hillel Fuld (@hilzfuld)

You can say a lot about Microsoft and its new Windows 8 operating system, but one thing you cannot say about the new platform, its marketing, and the recent news surrounding its launch, is that it’s boring. Never a dull moment whether it’s the sudden departure of the president of the Windows department, the product itself with the live tiles and the colourful phones, or the $1.5 billion dollars of marketing the company is pouring into pushing it.

Well, Microsoft has had its share of direct and fairly aggressive marketing, such as the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign, but when Ben Rudolph aka Ben the PC Guy, an official Microsoft evangelist takes on iPhone and Android users on camera, you know Microsoft means it.

Check out the new ads below. What is your take on this type of advertising? Personally? I like it.

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  1. Julian Maurer November 20, 2012

    I’m Lara I’m leaving my iPhone 5??? Really? Doesn’t she mean she is leaving her iPhone 5, the apple ecosystem her apps she paid for her whole life is in that phone. Is she really going to be able to switch just like that? I know you’re thinking apple sucks us into their ecosystem and its difficult to do a straight switch. What I would like to see is: here is a windows phone, plug in your iPhone to your computer click transfer, plug in your windows phone and click finish and now your whole life is in your windows phone including any cross platform apps which we are going to give you for free! Bottom line here is its easy to see that other devices may be better than iPhone but can you really switch that easily and quickly?

    • @wizll November 25, 2012

      you do know her iphone 1/2/3/3s/4/4s/5/6/7/8 and apps will still function even without a cell service right?

  2. former iSheep November 25, 2012

    Um iPhone hasn't been out that long for her whole life of buying apps to be in that ecosystem 😉 and yes its that easy I made the move and never looked back. Also most people don't have more then $100 worth of apps but the music can be moved and if you can't handle $100 then you have no business buying an iPhone. Also with iPhone market share shrinking quickly Android and Microsoft are taking advantage of that fact iPhone 5 is the same old thing. But I wouldn't expect an iSheep to understand.


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