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Microsoft Airs its First Ad for the Surface, And Well, It is Pretty Awesome

16 October 20129 comments inneractive, Microsoft, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Industry, Nokia

By: Hillel Fuld (@hilzfuld)

Seems like just yesterday we were talking about Microsoft ads and how confused the company is… Well, someone over there at Redmond read the post and said “Not so fast, we have something better up our sleeves and no dude jumping from space is going to steal our thunder this time.”

Microsoft released its first ad for the much-anticipated Surface tablet. So how is it? Thought you’d never ask. It is pretty great. It communicates what Microsoft should be communicating, i.e “We can be young and hip too. And gone are the days of us being just a software company making software that is the farthest thing from sexy. Here comes Windows 8 and the Surface.”

Well, as reported, Microsoft will be spending well over a billion dollars on the marketing blitz for Windows 8 and if this ad is any indication, well, grab the popcorn, it should be a fun few months.

Anyway, the ad is entertaining, puts a smile on your face and yes, makes the Surface look like a device I want to buy. Right now.

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  1. Mark October 16, 2012

    Sorry. The ad just ain't that great. And to make matters worse, the main character looks so much like an Apple dude :-)

    • Joao October 16, 2012

      I thought I was the only one who didn't like this .. All the theatricals, choreography, exaggeration just makes it feel so markety and fake. It tries to say "We can be young and hip too", but to me it just says "Hey, look at me, look at me! I made a clicky tablet that comes in lots of colors too!"

  2. Nikki Ralston October 16, 2012

    Crazy! Just yesterday on my ride home from work I had a very similar idea for a table ad. In ,my idea they are just juggling and passing around a tablet from parent to children to friends – watching cartoons, having a video conference call, etc.
    In my version the score was more hip-hop and the look was less 'Glee'
    I must be intensely in tune with the tech marketing universe (-:

  3. Estée October 16, 2012

    It looks like High School Musical…

  4. Fee October 18, 2012

    It shows nothing of its capabilities or what it can do, to general consumers you don’t think it’s lacking of a message somewhat?

  5. @undefined October 23, 2012

    I love the ad. No, it doesn't communicate much about the product itself… but it does shake up the boring image Microsoft has. It's the kind of ad that makes me curious to search info about the product online. And I always learn more from self-discovery. Kudos to them. If only real life could be this giddy and vibrant and theatrical. :-)

  6. window server March 25, 2013

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