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AppsMania 2012 Was a Hit for Developers, Industry Shakers, and inneractive

05 April 20121 comment Android, inneractive, iPhone, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Industry, Nokia

By: Hillel Fuld (@hilzfuld)

It feels like yesterday when I was writing a post here about AppsMania 2011. Read that post here. Well a year has gone by and AppsMania 2012 is now behind us. inneractive attended and sponsored the event yesterday, which everyone quickly understood was at the pinnacle of the entire mobile industry, in Israel and abroad.

AppsMania 2012 had representatives from nearly all the leading companies in the mobile space including but not limited to Google, Qualcomm, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft, TinyCo, Appsfire, Dragonplay, GetJar, Paypal, Telefonica, Tapjoy, and of course, inneractive. In other words, everyone who is anyone in mobile tech was in attendance. We have IMA to thank for that.

The event was well-organized starting with the attendees, the venue, the presentations (minus a few hickups), and even the food. The content, which is the reason we were all there, was solid and each session brought a new angle on the topic of the day, App Discovery and Monetization.

inneractive’s VP Marketing Itay Gadot was on the advisory board of the event, as well as a panelist and presenter in the event itself.

I moderated the last panel, which included the following panelists:

Daniel Appelquist, Head of Product Management, BlueVia/Telefónica

Yannick Debaupte, Ecosystem and Developer Director Europe, Nokia

James Mooney, EMEA Sales and Business Development Director, GetJar Networks

Paul Bowen, VP & GM, Europe, TapJoy

– Ashay Padwal, CTO, vserv

Highlights of the Day

– A Qualcomm display booth in which the company showed off some of its futuristic 3D technology. We can expect great things from this company in the near future!

– An HTC booth in which you could test out some of the new state-of-the-art HTC devices including the flagship One device, which simply put, is stunningly beautiful!

inneractive’s presentation given by Itay Gadot about the upcoming SDK with five verticals of monetization all crammed into one line of code, which will provide a seamless integration for the developer.

– A panel with participants from Appsfire, DragonPlay, Onavo and others on the topic of app discovery. Ouriel Ohayon, CEO and Founder of Appsfire made the very accurate point that developers should not spend a dime on discovery before they are certain that their app is even worthy of being discovered.

GetJar’s James Mooney gave a presentation about the various app stores and app monetization. He gave a sneak peek at the company’s new virtual currency, which will give GetJar yet another edge as the world’s largest independent app store., a leading and super popular Android app talked about the process of coming up with, developing, and distributing a successful mobile app. Omer Perchik, the CEO said developers have to release apps that people need. That should be their guiding light.

– The Israel Android Association presented some of the new features in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. A little typo in the CEO’s presentation gave the crowd a good chuckle. Of course, the CEO later told me that he knew about the error, he just wanted to se if we were paying attention. Can you spot the error?

Nokia’s Yannick Debaupte spoke about the new Windows Phone ecosystem and its clear advantages over the competition. While many believe that the “low” number of apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace (80k) is a negative thing, developers can clearly use it to their advantage in order to better stand out.

GetJar’s James Mooney had an interesting answer to my question “Will Windows Phone take off like the analysts predict it will?” James answered “Yes”. Well, that pretty much sums it up.


All in all, it was a fantastic day for all parties involved whether you attended the conference for content, networking, business opportunities, or just good food. You got what you came for!

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  1. Dan Appelquist April 7, 2012

    Great post and a great panel! By the way, apropos of our discussion in the panel on Microsoft's lack of apps, NYTimes ran the following article yesterday addressing that very issue:


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