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The Twitter Generation and Mobile App Trends: How Much Lazier Can We Get?

30 January 20121 comment Android, inneractive, iPhone, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Industry, Nokia

By: Hillel Fuld

There are many aspects of the mobile world that are unique and make it the most exciting market in the tech space. Of course, its unprecedented growth is one of them, but what is most interesting is the speed at which it is evolving and advancing.

It was not long ago that the mobile phone in general was a futuristic concept, and even when the first generation cellphones were introduced, you had to be a body builder to carry them around.

Then came smaller phones, then thinner phones, and then, out of nowhere came the smartphone, which gave you instant access to all the world’s data in the palm of your hand. Of course, trying to imagine a world without our mobile phones is impossible, and I am only saying that half sarcastically.

Now, let’s leave the mobile world for a second and take a look at the Web and how it has been evolving. Thanks to services like Twitter, among many others, people’s attention spans are decreasing daily. “What do you mean you can’t pitch your complex and advanced technology in ten seconds? Forget it, I am not investing”. “Summarize your thought in 140 characters or I am not interested”.

To say that our generation is plagued with a constant need for instant gratification is the understatement of the decade. This need for all of the world’s data in a split second affects many aspects of our lives but it is most blatant in the evolution of the internet and mobile apps.

If you have been paying attention to recent trends on the web and mobile, chances are you noticed a certain pattern or at the very least, a clear evolution of where platforms and products are going. It goes something like this:

Website (lots of text) –> Blog (shorter text) –> Micro Blog (barely any text) –> Visual (zero text)

Now, as this evolution takes place, the previous link in the chain does not disappear, so websites, blogs, and micro blogging services are not going anywhere just because of the new visual trend. It is, however, interesting to watch how content continues to adapt to accommodate our need for instant consumption. The new visual trend led by apps and services the likes of Instagram, Flipboard, and of course Pinterest are the climax of the “Twitter generation”.

No need to read anything, everything is visual and you can consume content without reading a word.

What is interesting to note is not only the proliferation of these visual services but that even leaders such as Facebook are transitioning over to this form of displaying content, and the latest Facebook Timeline feature is a perfect example.

The question remains, what is the next link in the evolution of the Web and mobile that will make consuming content even more immediate and seamless? How much lazier can we get?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the video below is a parody, but I wouldn’t put it past us!

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  1. Dan 'goAugmente February 7, 2012

    The answer is Augmented Reality – just point and know

    Perfect not lazy

    The only way to deal effectively with real time BIG data :)

    Wanna know more – you should do – come bump into me @goaugmented


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