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Google Actually Paying to Have Android Installed on TVs! Seeing the Pattern Yet?

09 January 20122 comments Android, inneractive, iPhone, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Industry, Nokia

By: Hillel Fuld

It seems that lately, part of being a journalist, or at least an online one, is making comparisons or creating competition where this is none. People like to talk in blanket statements of dead or alive, winner or loser, and as Steve Jobs was known for, something is either “revolutionary” or “complete and utter crap”. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, tech bloggers of the world, the reality is not so simple.

Take iOS and Android for example. We have all done it and continue to do it on a regular basis. Who will “win” the battle? Who will gain the most market share? You know the drill. Except, the thing is Apple and Google have completely opposite strategies and goals, so what Apple considers winning in the mobile game is far from what Google would consider winning and vice versa.

Today brings yet another story that proves exactly what Google is trying to accomplish here and it can only be compared to what Microsoft was trying and succeeded to accomplish with its Windows operating system. In two words? Be everywhere!

Apple clearly does not want to be everywhere because if it did, Steve Jobs would have agreed to license out both Mac OS and iOS to the many companies who I am sure expressed great interest. Apple, as harsh as it sounds, is after revenue and that is clear in the way the company manufactures, markets, and sells ts products.

Google, on the other hand, constantly releases products in Beta, just to get it out to market. Apple focuses on a few premium products such as iPhone, Mac, iPod, and iPad. Google is all over the place with search, social, mobile, and most recently, even the automobile industry.

This is the only possible explanation as to why Google would actually pay vendors to pre-install Android on their TVs. Eric Schmidt recently made a statement that by the summer of 2012, most TVs will come with Android installed. That, of course, generated a nice echo of laughter. However, with this new strategy in place of actually paying for Android to come installed on TVs, it looks like Google, once again, will get the last laugh.

Now, you tell me, could you even imagine a scenario in which Apple would actually lose money on a product just to get it out there? Yea, me neither, so it might be time to focus on something else when we are looking for our next drama. Google and Apple are not even playing the same sport!

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  1. Bruce Krulwich January 9, 2012

    Nice message.

    To rephrase, Apple's after product sales revenue, while Google's after advertising and services revenue, and Microsoft's after software licensing revenue. All are after revenue. It's just that the kind of revenue they're after determines what they can lose on and what they need to profit on.

    Amazon was willing to lose money on each book sold in order to build up market share and range of products, and then raise prices to minimal profit and profit from the quantity. Amazon is willing to lose money, or break even, on the Kindle device, in order to sell the e-books.

    Apple, I think, has been willing to lose or break even, or at least not profit much, on music and app sales (where their costs are close to their revenues), becaues 97% of their profit comes from devices and is enabled by the existance of the music and app stores.

  2. Dimi January 10, 2012

    I rather have few well designed and thought out products than a bunch of beta crap. It's not always about market share and quantity, sometimes quality builds market share, and that is what Apple is doing without having to force saturate a market to do that.


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