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Android, Apple Have 70% of the US Market but Nokia Still Has 9M Global Downloads a Day

31 August 20111 comment Android, inneractive, iPhone, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Industry, Nokia

By: Hillel Fuld

I know what you’re thinking: “OK, I get it, Android and iPhone rule the US mobile market, enough with the market share numbers, they are getting old”. I do not disagree, but what is interesting to notice is how the mobile landscape has drastically changed over the past year. I mean just this month has been wild. If I had told you two years ago that Google would own the makers of the Motorola RAZR and that HP and Palm would no longer be in the game, how would you have reacted?

That is not to mention the fact that Microsoft owns Skype and part of Facebook, Amazon is an up and coming player in the mobile space and there will be no more “One more thing” moments by the great Steve Jobs. Like I said, wild. You can read all about this insane month in tech here.

Meanwhile, Google’s Android is just exploding in popularity across almost all parameters, with the obvious exception of profits, for which the crown belongs to Apple. The latest numbers from Comscore are actually super interesting.

The Comscore data is based on a survey of more than 30,000 U.S mobile subscribers and  it has Samsung as the leading mobile manufacturer with over 25% market share. No surprises on the mobile OS front and Android continues to rip up the competition with nearly 42% market share. I just have to wonder what the analysts who predicted that Android would flop are saying now.


The Comscore report stated that 82.2 million Amercians have smartphones, which is up 10 from the previous three month period. After Android’s 41.8% market share comes the Cupertino company with 27% of the market followed by RIM with 21.7% and Microsoft with 5.7%. Symbian has 1.9% of the US market.

The report also contained some super interesting data on mobile usage in the U.S. You can read the full report here. Now if you would read this report alone, you might arrive at the (incorrect) conclusion that Nokia (Symbian) is dead in the water as is RIM, which might have a longer and more painful death. Both assumptions are, in my humble opinion, misguided. RIM is not dead and you can read about that here.

While Nokia is going to have to do something seriously drastic to brake into the US market, like collaborate with the biggest software company the world has ever known (Oh, wait), there are, contrary to popular belief, places outside of the US. Even places in which people buy phones! Would would have thought?

The latest Nokia numbers are not nearly as pessimistic as reading mainstream tech media would have you believe. The Ovi store, despite it reaching its end of life, is now seeing 9 million app downloads a day.

The Ovi store passed 7 million downloads a day one month ago today, and 5 million in April. Now bad for a dead platform!

In total, the number of Ovi downloads since its 2009 launch stands at approximately 2.1 billion. Now 2.1 billion is not 13 billion (Apple) or 6 billion (Android), but objectively speaking, it is an impressive number. OK so Nokia has app downloads. But what about hardware? Yea, they have the best hardware out there. Software? Have you seen Windows Phone? It is amazing.

There you have it folks, Nokia is not dead. Is it as sexy or exciting as iPhone or Android? Well, maybe not, but if this month has taught us anything, it is that the tech and mobile space can literally turn on its back by one little acquisition.

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  1. Iconic88 August 31, 2011

    Great post Hillel.

    Nokia still has a lot of legs and strong ones at that considering their partnership with the team at Redmond. I think what many people tend to forget which you've highlighted is Nokia's levels of adoption in developing countries like India and China. I believe Nokia have been on the ground in these countries for a while now way before their competitors so they have a lot of fight left.

    In my view, if they released a superior product and experience to what's currently available on the market, there's very little reason to suggest that the developing markets won't upgrade to what they know.

    The lessons and standards are all transparent for all competitors to learn from each other. The key will be, can they over-deliver and positively out-experience Apple and Google?

    Time will tell as Bob Marley sang…


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