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Windows Phone Mango Devices Get One Step Closer to Market! Will You Buy One?

27 July 2011no comments Android, inneractive, iPhone, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Industry, Nokia

We have all heard about iOS and Android dominating the mobile space and companies like Nokia and RIM having a hard time competing. Ironically enough, the company with the most money for marketing, Microsoft, despite its impressive OS, is rarely even mentioned in that equation.

While Windows Phone has not yet reached mass market, it has hit the milestone of 25k apps in its MarketPlace faster than both iOS and Android reached the identical number, and anyone who has had the chance to play with the new operating system, was most likely impressed by the interface.

The latest news reported on the Windows Phone blogis that the newest version of the OS, Mango was just released to manufacturing. What that means is that Microsoft has officially declared Mango ready for market and has passed the ball into the court of the various manufacturers who will run Mango on their devices. This includes Samsung, Nokia, and others.

Mango is a huge step forward for Windows Phone and includes many improvements such as the sorely lacking multitasking abilities that all other platforms have supported for years. Mango was originally introduced in May with hundreds of documented features that are intended to create a better overall experience for both communication, apps, and Web consumption.

According to the company, some other new additions include:

· A unique new email Conversation View which helps users efficiently participate in long email discussions with friends and co-workers.

· Threads that bring together text, IM, and Facebook chat all into one conversation.

· App Multitasking, enabling users to efficiently work on email, listen to music, and then pop in and out of games. Mango also connects apps to search results and deepens integration within the Hubs like Music and Video and Pictures.

· Internet Explorer 9 for fast web browsing and support for new HTML 5 web sites.

According to Microsoft “The Mango update for current Windows Phone handsets will be ready this fall, and of course will come pre-installed on new Windows Phones.”

Sounds  intriguing to me, how about you? Of course, inneractive has high hopes for Windows Phone and has our SDK ready in the form of one single line of code that can be added to a Windows Pbone app  faster than you can read this sentence (less than ten seconds, try it!).

Even though some of the stats regarding the Windows Phone market share might be a tad exaggerated in the infographic below, it is interesting nonetheless.

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