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Is Nokia Dead? Not So Fast… (Infographic)

21 June 20111 comment inneractive, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Industry, Nokia

inneractive just released its June infographic about Nokia. Nokia has been making headlines lately, but not necessarily the type of headlines the Finnish company would like to be making. The tech press is ready to declare the previous decade’s mobile giant dead, but Nokia, in reality, has the ability to jump back like it has done many times.

The infographic below is basically split into two parts. The first part, composed of the top two graphs, shows just how strong Nokia is in the world of mobile advertising. When it comes to both ad requests and CTR, Nokia consistently presents strong numbers.

The second part composed of the last two sections, the map and the table, show that Nokia is strong when it comes to global distribution and market share, two numbers that prove once again, that Nokia is far from dead.

One of the questions that came up about the infographic is how we can explain Nokia’s relatively high CTR. Of course, there is no way to know for sure, but we have our thoughts on the matter. The following are three possible explanations as to why Nokia has a higher CTR than other mobile companies:

  • Emerging Markets: Nokia is very strong in places that have less appearances of iPhone and Android. What characterizes most of these emerging markets is the unique mobile usage patters. People very much depend on their mobile devices and use them significantly more than in Western countries. In many cases, these consumers do not have laptops or computers and depend on their mobile device for all their computing needs. More engagement generates more clicks.
  • Glocal Nature: As you can see in the map below, Nokia is widely distributed around the globe. The widespread usage of Nokia devices also causes an increase in CTR. The way it works is as follows. When a certain location has local advertising campaigns, the direct result is a higher CTR due to the relevancy and targeted nature of the ads. With Nokia’s strong presence in so many locations, there are more local campaigns, hence the higher CTR.
  • Not Ad Blind: At inneractive, we carefully study consumers’ behavior when it comes to mobile advertising and have discovered something very interesting. When it comes to iPhone and Android ads, users are more “ad blind” than Nokia users. This could be a result of the type of graphics generally found in Nokia ads, or it can be a result of the actual devices on which the ads appear. The bottom line is, Nokia users, as compared to users of other platforms, engage mobile ads more, which translates into a higher CTR.

Hope you enjoy the infographic!

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  1. balasaravanan palani June 23, 2011

    its for the best if nokia accepts joint venture with android and then again dominate the market. No other brand can Nokia's be demise.


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