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Nokia and Microsoft Shed Some Light on their New Partnership

24 May 20112 comments inneractive, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Industry, Nokia

This week is Windows Phone 7 Acceleration Week at Microsoft Israel. We were fortunate enough to participate in yesterday’s session on monetization followed by the Director and Head of Marketing for Forum Nokia and Developer Communities, Srikanth Raju. First, let me say, the man is a legend. He is doing phenomenal work with the Nokia developer community as well as Nokia’s online activity.

Srikanth Raju, Head of Marketing for Forum Nokia

In yesterday’s session, Srikanth pointed out that Nokia’s blog is the 4th most visited corporate blog on the worldwide Web. How is that for a nice statistic?

Srikanth went on to speak about the potential in the Microsoft Nokia deal and pretty much proved to the crowd how much logic there is behind this partnership. One of the numbers Srikanth quoted, which pretty much knocked the crowd off their seats was that more people around the globe own a Nokia device than a toothbrush. When the crowd had a good laugh, Srikanth clarified that he was not kidding.

Of course, one of the main advantages Nokia brings to the Microsoft Nokia deal is its unparalleled global distribution as well as many others, such as cooperation with practically every single global operator. More about the different contributions here.

We were not going to ask for a source on the statistics of global toothbrush usage, but something tells me that number is pretty accurate. We already know that Nokia completely dominates emerging markets, and suffice to say that in these markets, infrastructure is the not the greatest and running water is not something they take for granted.

Itay Gadot, Head of Publisher Relations at inneractive

During the QA session following the presentation, Srikanth did say some of the logistics and roadmap of the new Microsoft Nokia ecosystem are still being worked on and that meanwhile, developers can use the advanced tools QT provides to develop for the huge global Nokia user base.

All in all, the presentations, both Srikanth and inneractive’s (if I do say so myself) were full of useful information and based on the feedback the developers in the crowd provided, everyone learned a lot.

Later on this week, developers will be continuing the creation of new Windows Phone 7 apps and there will also be more panels on topics such as the Windows Phone 7 roadmap, and more. At the end of the week, we will be judging a contest of the best apps created throughout the week and the winner will be receiving a nice promotion package from Microsoft, which will push and promote the winning app across multiple Microsoft channels.

Steve Ballmer of Microsoft and Stephen Elop of Nokia

What this week says to developers and to the mobile world as a whole, is that both Microsoft and Nokia are focused on this space and have figured out that developers and new apps are one of the, if not the, most important components of a successful mobile eco system.

I think I speak on behalf of all the attendees, when I say that Srikanth enlightened the crowd yesterday on a whole list of topics and it seems Microsoft and Nokia are working on some pretty amazing new products we will all see very soon.

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  1. DarkReaper May 24, 2011

    Nokia products running WP7; soon? How sonn will thay be, then?

    • hilzfuld May 24, 2011

      The roadmap is still unclear but based on the information we received, we should see Nokia smartphones running WPT very soon.


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