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How Did Talking Pet Apps Get Downloaded 100 Million Times?

27 April 20111 comment Android, inneractive, iPhone, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Industry

Last week it was Pico Brothers and their 20 million downloads and this week it is Outfit7. If you own an iPhone or an Android device, you have most likely seen these famous talking pets hanging out in the top spots of the App Store or Android Market. If you have kids (of pretty much all ages), they probably love Talking Tom or any of the other talking characters.

These simple apps have accomplished some unbelievable achievements since they were first released ten months ago. First it was 41 million downloads in 6 months, then it was the 60 million milestone, and now the company has announced that its talking apps have been downloaded more than 100 million times. The company averages 15 million downloads per month, an impressive number by any standards.

According to the company, they will be releasing 15 new characters over the next year and porting the series over to other platforms besides mobile. Andrej Nabergoj, Outfit7’s CEO said that they see over 100,000 videos shared from their apps on Youtube every month and over 400,000 videos sent by email.

These numbers are pretty wild considering the borderline silly nature of the Outfit7 apps, so what is the secret? How did they achieve this success? For starters, as I was told by the head of Outfit7’s marketing, the in-app ads with links to their other apps, have been very effective. Developers: take notes. Outfit7 consistently advertises its apps from within another one of their apps. This way, they reach the masses with their free app and up sell users to purchase one of their paid apps. Smart, very smart.

This goes to show that if you target users with relevant ads within apps, the results can be extremely positive. This is one of the foundations of what we do here at innerctive. We don’t just throw ads into apps, but carefully place them in a way that it will increase clicks and not annoy users. Additionally, we ensure the relevant nature of the apps we display within an app, so an app in the sports category might have an ad with sports content, for example. If you want to give our SDK a shot and see what we can do, sign up here.

In addition, Outfit7 apparently figured something out that many developers still have not. Simplicity is what sells when it comes to mobile apps. We have said this before and we will say it again. If you are creating a mobile app, focus on one primary feature and make sure to implement it better than anyone else. That is what Outfit7 did and continues to do in their apps. While a talking pet might seem silly to some, Outfit7’s characters are the best talking pets around. Add the viral nature of the apps with the integrated sharing options, and it is a recipe for success.

In conclusion, take a look at this entertaining infographic made by Outfit7 about their latest success. What do you think was the primary cause for this extraordinary success?

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  1. Itamar Rogel April 28, 2011

    Very impressive! Way to go to the Outfit7 team – I wonder what they're going to aim at next :)


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