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Can Amazon Withstand the Traffic of Angry Birds?

15 March 2011no comments Android, inneractive, Mobile Industry, Uncategorized

While mobile developers are faced with many challenges throughout the development process, distribution is becoming increasingly simple. New app stores are introduced weekly with companies that had no connection to the mobile space prior to this, are now launching their own app store. Amazon is one of many, but it seems Amazon is well on its way to success.

Rovio just announced that they are pulling another “GetJar” by launching their new version of Angry Birds, the wildly popular cross platform game, on the Amazon app store exclusively. According to this interview with Patrick Mork from GetJar, when Angry Birds launched on GetJar, the traffic multiplied itself six times over almost immediately and eventually crashed the servers of both GetJar and Rovio’s site.

The new version of Angry Birds, Rio, is tied with the Twentieth Century Fox movie, will debut on the Amazon Android app store on March 22nd. In addition, the new version of Angry Birds will be using the pay per download model, as opposed to the GetJar and Market games, which are free and ad funded.

“The Android platform has seen phenomenal growth, and it’s great that new avenues for app distribution are opening up,” Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio, said in a statement. “The openness of the Android platform works for the benefit of consumers and developers alike. It has been delightful to team up with Amazon to bring the Angry Birds franchise to this great new application marketplace.”

In addition, Rovio does not stop making headlines and the latest was Peter Vesterbacka’s statement that tablets are killing gaming consoles. Rovio later tweeted that “the comment wasn’t that console games [are] dying, [but] about the business model of shipping plastic discs. Digital wins.”Vesterback was “just saying [the] iPad3 and 4 will be out before next console generation,” Rovio tweeted in another message.

Whatever the case may be, Rovio knows its stuff and is doing a phenomenal job marketing its franchise. By launching on different distribution channels, Rovio ensures that that entity gives Angry Birds a strong marketing push before launch, although given its 100 million downloads, I am not sure the birds need to be marketed…

As always, we would love to hear your take on this story. Will the Amazon App Store succeed or will it disappear after getting swallowed up by the giants? Please let us know in the comments. You can also find us on Twitter or Facebook, where we are always listening.

Please share your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook where we are always listening.
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